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HSI Security Division offers Security Professionals, not Security Guards. Our staff is setting the standards in the Security Industry. 

HSI Services 

Security Division

HSI Security Division provides our clients with Security Professionals who are highly trained and are in compliance with the Georgia Board of Private Detectives and Security Agencies and GA Secretary of State Office. HSI staff and affiliates are Security Professionals, not Security Guards. The level of excellence is provided our services.

Our Security Division offers:

Unarmed Security Officer Services

Armed Security Officer Services

Entertainment Security Services

Executive Protection Services Concierge Officer Services

Event Security Services

Filming & Movie Set Security Services

Valuable Items Transportation Services Apartment Patrol Services

Neighborhood Patrol Services

Security School Resource Officer Services


Our Security Division is proud to service:

Apartment Communities

Malls & Retail Department Stores

Construction Industry

Entertainment Industry

Hospital and Medical Facilities

Filming & Movie Set Industries

Corporate Security

Public & Private School Systems

Charter Schools Systems

Retirement Communities

Industrial & Warehouse Industry

Trucking & Transportation Industry

Unarmed & Armed Security Services 

Event Security Services 

Residential & Commercial Patrol Services

Executive Protection Services

Fire Watch Services

Apartment Patrol Services

Investigation Division


HSI Investigation Division is a full service private investigative provider. We are able to offer our services to all 50 states with the assistance of our affiliates and staff. Our staff are experienced Private Detectives and former Law Enforcement Criminal Investigators.


The Investigation Division offers the following services:


Civil Investigation Services

Criminal Investigation Services

Insurance Fraudulent Investigation

Worker Compensation Investigation 

Crime Scene Review & Reconstruction

Vehicle Accident Review & Reconstruction

Loss Prevention Investigation

Expert Witnesses Testimony Services

Workplace Surveillance & Investigation

Employment Background Investigation

Divorce Surveillance and Investigation

Process Server Services


The Investigation Division offers services to the following industries:


Law Firms

Retail Industry

Trucking Industry

Corporate Security

Hospital & Medical Facilities

Warehouse Industries 

Staffing Agencies

Workings Compensation Companies

Transportation Industries

Entertainment Industry

Government Agencies 

 Divorce Investigation

Workplace Investigation & Surveillance

Background Investigation

Corporate Financial Investigation

White Collar Criminal Investigation  

Security Consultant Division


HSI Security Consultant Division understands our clients budgetary restrictions does not allow them to have a full time loss prevention or security manager. Our Security Consultant Agent will perform those duties while overseeing our clients best interest at all times. Our clients welcome the peace of mind our Security Consultant Agent offers them.  



The Security Consultant Division offers the following services:


Security Management Services

Property Assessment Security Survey (PASS)

Security & Safety Assessment

Event Security Staff

In-House Security (Development and Implementation)

Charter & Private School Security (Development and Implementation)

Security Consultant Manager

Property Assessment Security Survey

Security Department Development 


The Security Consultant Division offers services to the following industries:


Apartment Communities

Homeowners Associations

Condominium Associations

Retail Marketers

Industrial Manufacturers

Commercial Real Estate

Trucking Industry

Filming Industry

 Event Security Services


You can now have a full-time Security Manager, Loss Prevention Manager, or Security Director without the hassle of recruiting, training, and staffing one. Our Security Consultant Agent will perform those duties and more.

Training Division 


HSI Training Division is a unique and diversified division. We offer safety and security training for individuals, security and law enforcement professionals. Our diversity is paramount to our success and the satisfaction our clients expect from Hickey Security and Investigation Training Division.


HSI Instructors are experienced and licensed instructors in the topic or certification they are teaching. Our clients and students receive training from Instructors who have real-world experience. How can you inform and teach a subject or topic without actually experiencing it? This is why HSI Instructors are the standards in safety, security and investigation industry.


As stated HSI Training Division offers a variety of training. To review our list of training please click here.  


HSI Training Division also offers the following training, please click on the training to review the course outline:


Georgia Board of Private Detectives and Security Agencies:

  • Basic Security Officer 24 Hours Course - Click Here 

  • Armed Security Officer 40 Hours Course - Click Here 

  • Basic Private Detective 70 Hours Course - Click Here 

  • Armed Private Detectives 86 Hours Course - (Call for more details) 

  • Continuous Education Training (Call for more details)

 - Security Officer 8 Hours Course

 - Private Detective 16 Hours Course  


HSI Specialized Training 

Security School Resource Officer Course - Click Here

In-House Security Officer Course - Click Here

Supervisory Leadership Course - Click Here 

Firearms Training Class (Civilians) - Click Here 

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